Recipe contest (with prizes)

A blog can be a sometimes unilateral experience, but I have had the great pleasure of hearing a little bit from people about what they do or have done or how they feel in the kitchen via this shebang, and I would love to hear more.

So, please enter this contest!

There are two categories: This Could Work and You Poor Baby. Roughly, the first category is for simple things unskilled people could actually make and then enjoy consuming, and the second is things that haven’t worked out so well, but go ahead and interpret freely.

Parameters: whatever you want to send me via the comments here, or by messaging me or writing in the comments on the facebook page —

Deadline: let’s say Monday, 11/23/15

Prizes: I will send you a print or a t-shirt of your choice from

12115855_10153680228078166_7705762196804011376_nil_570xN.859659398_6cl4il_570xN.866763880_lu9i Por ejemplo but there are a lot more to choose from.

How the contest is judged: I might end up putting it up for a vote


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