Oh, hi. Hi! How’s it going? How are you these days? I am making some choices. I didn’t call back my sister, with whom I actively wanted to speak. I decided that the best way to handle texts from people was to just read them and nod but not indicate any response that they could … More

The Nearness of You

How are you doing? How is it going today? Are you getting enough sleep? What’s happening? Here are some things that I know are going on with some people: all across the country, people are fostering animals that were in shelters. Some shelters are getting 10 times as many requests to give a home to … More The Nearness of You

Quarantine kitchen

How are you doing? Here is something to see, not experience, right now: intensely touchy human-to-human kindness, brought to you by a creative professional who is so, so, so Californian. I am such a Masshole, and my hair is a travesty, and I love this so much. I should point out that this hairstylist closed … More Quarantine kitchen

Providence AF

One night while sitting at a bar where I thought they served no food, we discovered they did indeed serve food, albeit only Spanish tinned seafood. Specifically: cockles in brine. Cockles in brine! We did not opt for it. By the time I got home, the first word had stretched to “cockerels;” “cockerels in brine,” … More Providence AF

Zucchini pancakes

This summer, we had a backyard vegetable garden that started out as… not tidy areas, but semi-specific small plots of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, kale, and pepper plants. I say “we” but my role ended at the point that I cleaned out an old Ikea toy bin and turned it on its side so we … More Zucchini pancakes


Once upon a time, a person stood in a kitchen holding a tin bowl full of cauliflower florets. A beeswax-coated cloth, which such person can use instead of plastic wrap, sat stiffly on top of the pile of cauliflower like a mortarboard. The cauliflower was a bit aged, old enough to graduate from the refrigerator … More Tempura


Late one afternoon, shortly after taking a wander around my office and confronting a number of things that are either possible to eat or things that people seem to think other people might eat, if those other people are just desperate or human dumpsters, I had some thoughts.     I thought: I am going … More Scallions