Everything I know about cooking I learned at the gym

  For a significant period in the sort-of recent past, before I had children, I managed to get exercise in both the course of the day, by walking or biking to work, and by stopping at a gym on the way home. The facility was always mostly a sports medicine and orthopedic treatment center, and … More Everything I know about cooking I learned at the gym


Once, driving south on I-95, I saw a truck with the sign “Start to Finish Remodeling.” The traffic was stop-and-go, so I encountered the truck five or six times. The first time, I thought, “That’s a good business name. Direct and simple.” But then as I saw the truck over and over, I began to … More Dump-lings


2010 Pesto is one of those things that seemed super fancy when I was a teenager, and then for a while I insisted on making it myself, and then later I learned it was not ever supposed to be heated and is not, Pat Kiley, a serve-hot-over-ziti situation. These days, it most often appears on … More PESTO


2013 The baby is in a chair, gnawing on a rubber giraffe, and the toddler is, with my reluctant approval, watching tv on my laptop. She laughs out loud and talks back to Diego, Dora’s cousin, so at least it’s not a totally passive experience, and she is learning about tapirs so it seems okay, … More TACOS?