The Whores Like It?

One evening, I just wanted to make a quick dinner and get to the main event I had planned: curling up with the DSM-V and a glass of wine in order to diagnose my friends and family. What was quick and easy to make? Pasta Puttanesca,  reputed to be tasty and fast, and purportedly named … More The Whores Like It?


You know what’s really nice for dinner? Cereal! A glass of water, an apple, maybe some carrots. I could happily eat this every night. The prospect of the time savings alone fills me with glee. Or actually, with a mournful longing. I know it might sound a little desolate, and is probably not too far … More Balls!

Egg Muffins, I guess

Sleep, according to my extremely lazy research, is not only good for consolidating memories and curbing inflammation but giving you what you need to “be a winner.” I used to be a highly accomplished sleeper, and slept through fire and burglar alarms and, at least once, my sister’s attempt to scare me by waving an actual axe over … More Egg Muffins, I guess