Not long ago, a neighbor said he’d been in the woods of Connecticut and found a hen-of-the-woods mushroom, and he was giving it to us to eat. If you have not seen such a mushroom, it is sort of like a towering floppy pinecone. It looks like this: That is not a small tomato. For … More Stolenbikestolen

Woman’s morning

Recently, the magazine Woman’s Day starting appearing in my mailbox. In this magazine are articles that begin with, “If you coupon…” and consumer round-ups of items to make your desk “pretty,” ie. get yourself a “chic clipboard.” There is also a two-page ad spread about kitty litter that asks you to “Rate your stank face!” … More Woman’s morning


Most nights when I’m trying to fall asleep, instead of counting sheep, I design utopias. These utopias vary, though all involve everyone spending at least 3 hours a day outside with no cell reception, and all the ideation is overshadowed by my understanding that utopias all falter and then are abandoned. There’s a photographer named … More Blasphemy

The Fast

The Fast   For many years, I’ve been interested in fasting as an asylum from excess and custom, but have only fasted once, after mulling it over for nearly a decade. I like to ease into things – adulthood, my pants, a grim acceptance that 2016 is an election year – and during my dog’s … More The Fast