Party Time

  One day last winter, I was standing with my son’s classmate’s mother in a Chuck E. Cheese’s as the woman’s daughter screamed from within a plexiglass pod in a SkyTube, which is a play structure not unlike an extra-large set of hamster tubes. Children who enter it are instructed, but only by signage they … More Party Time


Not long ago, a neighbor said he’d been in the woods of Connecticut and found a hen-of-the-woods mushroom, and he was giving it to us to eat. If you have not seen such a mushroom, it is sort of like a towering floppy pinecone. It looks like this: That is not a small tomato. For … More Stolenbikestolen

Woman’s morning

Recently, the magazine Woman’s Day starting appearing in my mailbox. In this magazine are articles that begin with, “If you coupon…” and consumer round-ups of items to make your desk “pretty,” ie. get yourself a “chic clipboard.” There is also a two-page ad spread about kitty litter that asks you to “Rate your stank face!” … More Woman’s morning


Most nights when I’m trying to fall asleep, instead of counting sheep, I design utopias. These utopias vary, though all involve everyone spending at least 3 hours a day outside with no cell reception, and all the ideation is overshadowed by my understanding that utopias all falter and then are abandoned. There’s a photographer named … More Blasphemy